Our agency stands out because of our dedication to meeting your loved one's unique needs. We take whatever steps are necessary to ensure your relative feels secure and well cared for. Bilingual In-Home Confidence in Quality Care You rest assured that your loved ones are getting the best of our individualized, compassionate and professional personal and home care. Serving Native and Foreign Born Participants are native-born and foreign-born seniors and persons with disabilities. Workers are assigned to be a good match to your culture and language ensuring ease of communication with your caregiver. We Speak Your Language Our diverse staff, educated about and sensitive to multiple cultures, is able to provide exceptional home based services in over 40 languages. Interpreters for care plan related services are provided free of charge.


We wanted a better caregiver company, so we built one.

How it Began

Ms. L was a senior, 87 years of age. She had never had children and was never married and relied on her nephew for support. When her nephew moved another state, she found herself alone and lost. Soon thereafter, symptoms of dementia set in. The caregiver assigned by the state could not communicate with her and the senior was growing fearful, isolating herself - even from neighbors. She lived in deplorable conditions and had nobody to advocate for her needs.

Since 2000

We have served native-born and foreign-born seniors, and persons with disabilities, many of whom do not speak English as their primary language. Understanding cultural and linguistic differences among our clients, allows us to match the recipients of care with caregivers from their native country.

Our Philosophy

We treat others as they wish to be treated.

Maintaining Independence

...is an important part of preserving dignity. You can help your parent, grandparent or other loved one remain in the comfort of their familiar home environment – with the assistance of our helping hands!

We treat your loved ones like we treat ours: with respect and kindness, love and patience they so deserve. Though each client has specific needs, the same guiding principal applies to all: We believe people should be able to age safely in place, at home and to the extent possible according to their desires and as permitted by the resources available to them.


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