Our agency stands out because of our dedication to meeting your loved one's unique needs. We take whatever steps are necessary to ensure your relative feels secure and well cared for. Bilingual In-Home Confidence in Quality Care You rest assured that your loved ones are getting the best of our individualized, compassionate and professional personal and home care. Serving Native and Foreign Born Participants are native-born and foreign-born seniors and persons with disabilities. Workers are assigned to be a good match to your culture and language ensuring ease of communication with your caregiver. We Speak Your Language Our diverse staff, educated about and sensitive to multiple cultures, is able to provide exceptional home based services in over 40 languages. Interpreters for care plan related services are provided free of charge.

Gentle Conversations

Introducing the Home Care Topic to Your Loved One

Our parents are part of the Traditionalist Generation. Their attitudes behavior were shaped by the following factors:

  • Patriotism
  • Waste not, want not
  • Save for rainy day
  • Faith in community and institutions

They made sacrifices for our country, for their families, and never asked for help. So now, it goes against everything they know to ask for help now. While the conversation must be a little different for each senior, one suggestion is to tell them that care is not for them, it's for you as their (adult) child. You would love to be there to help daily, but are unable to do so because of your work/family/community commitments. So for your peace of mind, please allow caregivers to be there with them.

They can see this as a sacrifice they are making for you, rather than as care for themselves. By framing the conversation this way, you are giving them the power and they are in charge.

By allowing help to assist would actually make them more independent and less dependent on family members. The services we bring into the home are tools. So this little bit of care is a tool to continue to be independent, continue wit the life the senior wants, which is to live in their home and go about their day.

Other Information