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Individual Approach

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Our Company

No two people are identical. The wishes of our consumers are listened to attentively, and an individualized plan is created to ensure it both meets the directives of the Department of Health and Senior Services Care Plan and the unique preferences of our consumers. Whether visits are preferred on weekdays or weekends, the time of the visit and the assigned caregiver – we try to ensure that the seniors we serve feel that they have a voice and that voice counts. Consumer Directed Services are available to those who choose to hire and oversee their own assistants. Missouri allows consumers to direct their own children, grandchildren, other relatives and neighbors, if the seniors and persons with disabilities are up to the task. This means, the seniors may hire, fire and direct all aspects of their care to be delivered by someone they trust and built a positive relationship with. We are here to ensure training, screening of a potential candidate and assuming financial responsibilities associated with payment for their services. We do watch that a consumer chosen aide is not going to take advantage of their charge and that a senior is feeling empowered to direct his or her own care.