The VOYCE who are ensuring a quality life for people living on the long-term care continuum. Their goal is to become a principal source of information and advocacy for individuals and their families. They aspire to empower and educate those we both serve.  During their 2015 Caregiver awards, Flora, one of our own, was honored with an award.

Flora Chakhalova is a Caregiver who goes above and beyond while caring for her clients. Flora views her clients as family and treats them with respect, understanding, kindness, and compassion. As a Caregiver with Bi-Lingual In-Home Assistant Services, Flora is able to communicate with aging adults who otherwise might not receive the most specialized care due to a language barrier. On occasion, because of her big heart and giving nature, Flora is assigned some of the most challenging clients, those who may have not gotten along with another aide or two. Flora comes through each time.

Without any hesitation, she accepts a new challenge, while also recognizing individual rights of those in her care. Flora once even stayed with a client several nights in a row because the woman was afraid to be alone at night. Flora’s natural ability as a caregiver has had a tremendous impact on the people she cares for.

The Award Ceremony

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Fora’s Interview

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The Award Ceremony ( Playlist )

Watch the whole awards ceremony on the VOYCE YouTube Channel Playlist