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Flora, Our Featured Hero

by | Nov 21, 2015 | Heroes

Flora Receives Prestigious Nomination

When we were invited to nominate, Flora immediately stood out. Flora does not see clients as consumers of services she provides. Instead, she treats clients as she would her own family – with respect, kindness, understanding and utmost care. On occasion, because of her big heart and giving nature, we take advantage of Flora by assigning most challenging of consumers to her, those, who may have not gotten along with another aide or two. Flora comes through each time. Without any hesitation, she accepts a new challenge, while also recognizing individual rights of those in her care.

Flora, our featured hero – receives prestigious nomination for VOYCE – paid caregiver of the year. Here is what her client of three years shared:

“She is taking care of me like she is my sister. She has done wonderful things for me that even my family that lives out of town, cannot do. Flora is here all the time, she is pleasant, I can trust her. My daughter trusts Flora as well. I love when she prepares Russian food for me. And she knows what to do, when I get sick. After Flora came into my life, it’s become more calm and now I cannot imagine my life without her. When I need help, she is right there. She will know if something’s wrong with me. She just seems like an angel from heaven. Superwoman I call her!”

One day, when the senior patient was released from a hospital, the patient asked Flora to spend the night. Flora called her supervisor and was disappointed to learn that she did not have enough hours allocated under the care plan, nor respite was one of the allocated duties. She knew client had no family and could not make other arrangements, as the frail lady is on a fixed income and is barely able to make her ends meet. Flora thanked the supervisor, but could not find it in her to deny the client and for the next several nights volunteered to be with the client who was afraid to spend the nights at home alone.