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Personal Assistance

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Our Company

Our personal care assistants offer the following services to the seniors and persons with disabilities: Bathing, including getting in and out of the tub; Dressing, including buttoning shirts, tying shoes, reminding to wear weather – appropriate attire; Grooming, inclusive of shaving, tooth brushing, washing hair, limited nail care and other personal tasks; Dietary Needs – and our consumers come from minimally 20 diverse dietary backgrounds; to meet the varied needs and preferences, we strive to match consumers with same language, same culture assistant who will be well prepared to cook a meal according to consumers’ specific preference; Mobility and Transfer, including helping a consumer get off the sofa or walk to a kitchen, lay down in bed, or recline in a chair; Toileting and Continence, including reminders, direct assistance, and loving care when necessary.